Kitesurf Center Canoa Majorlandia, Brazil



The ideal of every kitesurfer: After breakfast directly down to the beach, inflate your kite and off to the water. You can surf up and down in front of the house or make long downwinders from Lago do Mato ( 7 km.) or the Punta Grossa ( 20 km.), our buggy driver takes you there.

After kitesurfing you can take a drink at the baracca on the beach in front of the house.

Flat water you will find at the mouth of the "Rio Jaquaribe" near Aracati at a distance of 20km. over the beach only to be reached by buggy or 4WD. Our buggy with driver is available and more buggies, also with driver, are for rent in Canoa.

A kitesurfschool you will find in Canoa (they come to the house for instruction), a simple school is also available in Majorlandia. 

The air temperature during the day is 30° C, the water temperature is 25° C, so a wetsuit is not required.

The wind force during July  until January varies from 15-25 kts, in the morning sideshore and in the afternoon side-onshore. Generally the afternoon wind is stronger than the morning wind.

From July until January the sky is normally cloudless, in the rainy season January  to July

there is less and more irregular wind and more often clouds and rain, but more wind and sunshine compared to Cumbuco

In general Majorlandia and Canoa have many more sunny hours than Fortaleza and Cumbuco.

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