Esta casa está à venda!  € 179.000 / 0031515442552

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Kitesurfing in Brazil
aluga-se casa com piscina Majorlândia aluga-se casa com piscina Majorlândia
Money, transport and other things

The Brazilian currency is the Real and for one Euro you get about R$ 2,50.

Withdrawing cash from a dispenser can be done at the Banco do Brasil at the airport (1st floor) and in Fortaleza, also in Aracati.

Credit cards ( Master card, VISA ) can be used to get cash and also European cheque cards with Maestro logo. The maximum take is R$ 700-1000 per day.

Cashing traveller cheques and changing cash is very difficult so it is advised not to carry these.

In the big supermarket in Aracati you can also pay with credit card and cheque cards.

In general the price level is around 50% of the European level. Meat is much cheaper.  


TAP Air Portugal flies daily to Fortaleza from Lisbon.

Arkefly flies weekly from Amsterdam.

Transport to Majorlandia can be done by rented car, taxi or taxi bus or by bus.

For car rental you need a driving license,  and a credit card.

Driving yourself in the evening and during the night is not advised because of unfamiliarity with the route, unlighted vehicles and animals on the road ( cows, donkeys).

As the planes generally arrive in the evening, you can book a hotel in Fortaleza for 1 or 2 nights and doing this also enjoy the busy beach boulevard (Beira Mar).

For a relaxed holiday a stay of 14 days is advised.


European cell phones work properly in Brazil. Locally you can buy a sim card.


You are not obliged to take any vaccinations if you stay only at the coast, although DKTP and hepatitis-A  is advised.

Aracati has a hospital and some private clinics.