Esta casa está à venda!  € 179.000 / 0031515442552

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Kitesurfing in Brazil
aluga-se casa com piscina Majorlândia aluga-se casa com piscina Majorlândia

The house


This house is for sale!  € 179.000 / 0031515442552 

For sale: a big beachhouse with a maximum of 16 beds, in Majorlandia, Ceará, Brazil. Majorlandia is a fishing village 160 km. east of Fortaleza and the international airport, and 5 km. from the famous hippy village of Canoa Quebrada, being a tourist attraction and having a busy nightlife.


Majorlandia is situated on the north coast of Brazil, the house: at 4 degrees 33', 05" S and 37 degrees, 40', 23,90" W.

It's there 4-5 hours earlier than in Europe (Great Britain, 3-4 hrs.), it's light from 5 a.m. - 6 p.m.. The day temperature is 30 C, the night temperature 25 C.

In contrast with the south of Brazil and the big cities it is a quiet village with little or no crime.